Unleash the potential of your spare phone

Recycle it to become a part of the new regenerative global economy


Got a spare phone lying around? Fill out our form to send it to us, and you will support a fellow human in improving her quality of life, while saving our planet’s valuable resources. Your phone will be shipped to one of our partner communities in Africa, and a female community member will be able to lease it at an affordable price.

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” Empower a woman, and you empower the whole community”

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Smartphones4good brings together donated phones, phone refurbishers, recyclers and used phone resellers to enable equal opportunity to the digital 21st century to everyone.

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Data erasure symbol
Our software erases the remaining data, safely and securely
Refurbish & evaluate symbol
Our experts refurbish and evaluate the phone
Shipping symbol
The phone is shipped to our partner in the local community
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A female entrepreneur in the community provides a business plan for our partner
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After a careful screening process, she will be able to lease the phone at an affordable monthly fee

A great way to fill two needs with one deed

Donating your spare smartphone can mitigate the environmental burden of smartphone manufacturing while improving digital, financial, and gender equality in Africa. Giving access to information, your phone can become a weapon of self-liberation.

Your connection to a trusted ecosystem

Influenced by a broad network of impact investors, academia, as well as our local partners in several African countries, we have established a regenerative value chain with an approach of building from the ground up. Partnering with existing community-based lending circles guarantees a higher level of transparency and efficiency.

Be a part of a new narrative

We want to challenge the traditional perceptions often imposed on African women, and give them a voice to show the richness of their cultures and ways of life. Their respectful coexistence with nature is something we should all learn from. By doing business with them, we engage in an equal transaction that benefits all parties.

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Back up your data
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Take out your SIM and SD cards
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Reset your phone to factory settings
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We’ll send you an envelope
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You send us your phone, free of charge!

Click here for instructions for iPhone, and here for Android.


I want to donate my phone

Once we receive your phone, our team of experts will ensure your privacy remains yours. Resetting the phone to factory settings by yourself does not guarantee a total removal of your data, so we have our own software to take care of that. 


Psst, our team won the European Comission’s EUvsVIRUS Hackathon in the Digital Finance category in 2020!

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